Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

When you are visiting Pillow Fair Website and are using and accessing information available in it, you are acknowledging that you have agreed and understood and read the terms and conditions. You also agree to abide by the same.


The information contained on this website is informational in nature. We are not into the business of providing professional services nor do we give advice. The information which is available on the website is on an “AS IS’ basis. We do not recommend using this information without having it verified independently from a medical perspective. The product reviews that are provided here are just for the purpose of information and are only the opinions of the author. The onus lies with the buyer alone whenever he or she selects a product for purchase.

WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES UNDER ANY EVENT, whether it is indirect, direct, consequential or incidental. It is immaterial whether such events take place because of using the website or not using it and the information which is provided in the Pillow Fair Website or any link which is a part of this website.


Unless otherwise mentioned, the information, files, and other resources on the website are copyrighted. Hence anyone using the information in an unauthorized manner will be violating the copyright laws. However, users are free to download the information, print and save the material available strictly for personal use. You are not allowed to republish, distribute or reproduce any part of the content on the website without our written permission. It should not also be used for commercial purposes unless permission for the same is explicitly available in the web page.

Pillow Fair will be making use of Copyscape to find out if there are any copied content of my content on the internet. If we come across any website which has republished any part of the content without our permission (which is beyond fair use), my actions could include but not limited to asking for the shutdown of such offending web page. The relevant web host service provider may be approached by me for shutting down such duplicated web pages. We may also request Google and other search engines to help remove from their index, the web page that is violating the copyright law. We also have the right to request Google to terminate the website’s AdSense Account because of their violation of the copyright laws. We also can bring in the required legal actions which we might deem fit.

Linking To Pillow Fair Website

I allow you to link any page to my site. To facilitate linking or for undertaking a website reviews, you are allowed to copy or even reproduce one or two sentences available on this site and you also could use a small snapshot. In case you are not sure if the use falls under the fair use criteria, I would expect an email from you.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Pillow Fair.net site takes part in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate advertising program which allows sites to make money by way of advertising fees generated by linking and advertising to amazon.com.

Linking To Other Websites

We would also like to state that this website advertises third party products and services as well as has affiliate links. This is dependent on the agreement of the third parties. We may also get commissions for the impressions, clicks and/or sale based on such agreements with third parties.

It would also be pertinent mention that Pillow Fair could contain links to various other websites. Such links to external websites do not mean that I have endorsed that site nor have I endorsed the products and information which is available on this external website. We do not accept any responsibility, and we also do not endorse any content from third parties.

Final Statement

We would like to point out that by accessing Pillow Fair at any point of time, you are totally in agreement with the various rules and regulations stated above. We also would like to mention here that the rules which are mentioned above are subject to change. Such changes happening from time to time may occur without any prior notice or information.