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Collection of Information is a website at which any particular personal information of its visitors is not collected by its owners. The owners of this website use software that gather and accumulates information that cannot be identified personally, automatically for the purpose of statistical use to help them in understanding the use of their website by the visitors. The information collected by the software may contain, which may not be confined to, regarding the software of your browser, your ISP, your operating system and the IP address of the computer used by you. In this way, all the information collected by their software cannot help in your personal identification, as claimed by the owners of the website earlier.


When you visit this website, its owner uses intermediary marketing companies to provide ads for you. These advertisements are provided by these marketing companies according to the interest of the visitors of this and various other websites after using your information that is non-personally identifiable. Especially, the website owners serve ads on their website by using Google because at present Google is using DoubleClick DART cookies for this purpose. You can choose to visit Google Ad to read privacy policy to use the content networks and the DART cookies. Google can also serve ads on the basis of the interest of the visitors by using interest-based advertising techniques.

Google can also allow the advertisers to use their previous communication with the visitors while visiting such websites to show them ads. This technology cannot be used by the advertisers to identify the visitors on a personal level, but it can enable advertisers to provide more appropriate ads to the groups of visitors, who have communicated with them earlier. You can use the link provided above in this write-up to change your likes and dislikes about the ads either by opting out completely or using Ads Preferences Manager option. The web beacons and cookies available on this website can also be used by its other advertising partners like Amazon etc. for advertising through this website.

Intermediary Cookies

The owner of this website neither has any control or access to the cookies used by the intermediary marketers while advertising through this website. If you want to see these advertisements while visiting this website then you will have to go through the privacy policies of the respective intermediary advertisers. If you want to get more detailed information about the management of the cookies used by a particular web browser, then you will have to visit related website of the browser. You must keep in mind that the cookies used by the browser are the part of the text data that can affect the operation of the web servers of the third-party advertisers instead of your computing system. Some websites can be made unusable by rejecting these cookies.

Affiliate program of Amazon

Being a participant in the LLC Associates Program of Amazon Services, an affiliate program for advertising initiated to provide means to earn to the websites, is linking and advertising to to earn fees for advertising third-party ads.

Links with other websites

The website,, also establishes links with other websites. You are neither connected to this website nor its privacy policy is applied to you when your visit another website by using these links. You will have to abide by the privacy policy of the other website if it has any when you visit it even by using this website. But you should also keep in mind that the link to the owner of this website with any other website neither affects its endorsement to the other website nor the products or the information provided by you on that website.

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Whenever you send an email to the owner of this website, your email address will not be shared by them with any of their marketing partners as they also do not like spamming like you. Under any circumstance, they never sell e-mail addresses of their visitors. On the other hand, they may report you about any abuse or spam in this regard.

The owner of this website can change this policy anytime without any advance information to the visitors of this website.