Pregnancy Body Pillows

There is hardly any doubt that being pregnant is one of the most memorable and beautiful moments for the family in general and the mother in particular. However, pregnancy comes with its share of discomfort and some amount of complications too.

Pregnancy body pillows

Comparison Table for Pregnancy Body Pillows

1Leachco Snoogle - Total Body Pillow
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable
2Leachco Back and Tummy - Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow
  • Provides equal support for back and tummy
  • Easy turn from side to side
3PharMeDoc Snug Cushion - PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow
  • Relieves Joint Pain
  • Eliminate Stress, Neck Strain or Bad Sleep Patterns
4Boppy Boppy - Custom Fit Total Body Pillow
  • Bodyline to support
  • machine washable
5Meiz Full Body - Maternity Pregnancy Pillow, Pain Relief Pillow
  • Unique u-shape design
  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • Nursing Pillow

As the baby grows inside the womb and as the mother moves to the second trimester, it is quite natural that she could be experiencing a lot of tiredness and exhaustion. Hence it is important to find out ways and means by which she is made to feel comfortable. In fact, the tiredness and fatigue are so high that many of them may find it difficult to bend down and lift things from the ground. It is, therefore, important for the pregnant women to have a safe and sound sleep each night. However, there could be many situations where women may not be able to get quality sleep because of some reasons. Apart from the tension and stress attached with the process of being pregnant, the additional weight and burden of the unborn child will most certainly be weighing heavily on the mother. Hence there ought to me some ways and means by which this problem can be addressed. It is here that the role of pregnancy body pillows comes into play. It would make interesting reading know more about it and how it could benefit pregnant mothers in more ways than on.

What Are These Pillows

These are standard pillows but with some modifications in design features. The primary objective of a quality pregnancy body pillow is to brace the various parts of the body and give some much-needed relief to the different aching parts of the body. They help a lot in providing that support and relief to the sore muscles across the body for a mother who is pregnant. It certainly is a big incentive to buy these pillows provided one knows how to go about it. Here are few tips to be kept in mind when it comes to buying these pregnancy body pillows.

These Pillows Are Customized

When you customize them, what you get is c-shaped pillows. They are specially made taking into account the shape of a woman’s body during pregnancy. They offer various levels and types of support. You can choose pillows which provide support to the head and neck. You can choose the ones which provide excellent support to the belly and back. You also could look at pillows which offer support to the leg and ankle of a pregnant woman. These are the parts of the body which bear the brunt of stress and therefore choosing the right pregnancy body pillows can certainly make a big difference. They are especially very suitable for those would-be mothers who suffer from lower back pains because of the weight of the child. They come in standard sizes and if needed it also is possible to customize the same keeping mind specific needs and requirements.

Top Body Pillows For Pregnent Woman Reviews

We will now look at five different brands and models of such pillows. This will certainly help those pregnant women who are trying to find out ways by which they can sleep well especially once they have reached the second trimester.

  • This is from the house of Leachco and it certainly has a number of interesting and useful features.
  • Going by various reviews, it could be one of the highest selling pregnancy pillows as far as is concerned.
  • It offers the best of support to the neck, hips, back, tummy and also ankles and thighs.
  • It comes with a patented design, conceived and developed by a mom and a nurse.
  • It does not lead to extra heating of the body and is well and truly cuddly.
  • Product Specification: Height: 60 inches, Width: 24.8 inches, Thick:7.2 inches, Weight: 4.5 Pounds.

  • This is yet another classy pregnancy pillow from Leachco which has a number of attractive and customer friendly features.
  • It is perhaps one of the few pregnancy pillows which offer consistent support for the tummy and back at the same time.
  • It has specially designed inner curves which help support full belly and back.
  • It does not require night repositioning, and one can turn from one side to another easily.
  • It is perfectly suitable for those suffering from congestion, GERD, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.
  • Product Specification: Height: 51 inches, Width: 33.5 inches, Thick: 8.8 inches, Weight: 7 Pounds.

  • It is made from high quality imported cotton
  • It is a high-quality therapeutic pillow which helps in relieving joint pains.
  • It helps in removing bad sleep patterns, stress, and neck strain. Enhances sleep quality.
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It is rated as being one of the best pregnancy pillows for baby health & mothers’ health.
  • The unique J-shaped design is superb to tackle pregnancy pains and works after pregnancy also.
  • Product Specification: Height: 25.5 inches, Width: 25.3 inches, Thick: 4 inches, Weight: 8.6 Pounds.

  • Coming from the stables of Bobby, this pregnancy body pillow has been uniquely designed.
  • It offers complete and total support from head to toe.
  • It comes with a high class and intelligently thought out contoured design.
  • The design naturally follows the body and offers total support to belly, hips, back and neck.
  • It is easily machine washable and offers the best value for money.
  • It is flexible and comes with a three-piece design.
  • Product Specification: Height: 16.7 inches, Width: 15.7 inches, Thick: 12.8 inches, Weight: 5 Pounds.

  • It is made from 100% quality cotton and therefore is very safe on the skin.
  • The unique u-shape design offers complete and full support for the body
  • The contours are designed to take the shape of the body from head to toe.
  • The quality pregnancy pillow offers the greatest comfort both for baby and mom.
  • Helps moms suffering from swollen legs, sciatica pain and helps to prevent build up in the liver.
  • Enables to elevate upper or lower part of the body.
  • Product Specification: Height: 25 inches, Width: 20.5 inches, Thick: 2 inches, Weight: 6 Pounds.

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