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If you are someone who has issues with your pillow overheating at night, causing excessive sweating and discomfort, you may very well benefit from the best gel pillow.

Especially if you have a memory foam pillow, which generally absorbs body heat, it can become quite overheated at night. With new technology today, cooling gel is infused into most memory foam and other pillows to give a cooling effect.

How Gel Pillows Work

The technology used in cooling gel pillows is borrowed from NASA.

Gel Pillows have a special layer of gel fiber infused in the pillow, and the gel helps to draw heat out of the body and disperse it more evenly, which has a cooling effect. The gel also allows for sufficient airflow and enhances cooling as a result.

Gel pillows are the latest technology in bedding, and lifestyle and gel pillows come in a wide variety of options and styles. You will see every pillow model different in construction and technology, with the basic gel principle being kept.

Advantages of Gel Pillows

On top of being cooler, as well as an innovative and alternative to regular pillows today, the gel pillow offers many more other health benefits;

  • Comfort and Better Sleep – A cooling pillow actually promotes sleep three times deeper than regular sleep patterns. If you are tossing and turning at night and feeling hot and uncomfortable, the gel pillow provides cooling comfort that can help you to fall asleep easier.
  • Relieves Insomnia – Insomnia is a condition that makes your sleep disorganized and makes it difficult to fall asleep. You may have breaks at night in between sleep and also struggle to fall asleep every time. The results are that you are fatigued and have low energy in the morning. The cooling pillow can help to relieve insomnia to a certain extent, as it keeps your head cooler during the night, so you will not wake up in between because of overheating. It is just one less thing to hassle you when you are already struggling to sleep.
  • Helps to Prevent Metabolic Diseases – Many more serious ailments, including diabetes, strokes, obesity, and heart diseases, may occur because of sleep irregularities and the absence of sleep. People frequently move around much more when they are sleeping and change their positions when they are not sleeping well. These sleep irregularities double your chances of metabolic disease in the long run. The gel-filled pillow can augment proper sleep to help you prevent metabolic diseases in the long run.
  • Improves Your Skin Appearance – Lack of sleep can cause many skin ailments such as a dry and stressed look, black circles under the eyes, and a pale complexion. Then again, excessive sweat can also cause clogged pores and acne breakouts. The cooling gel pillow improves sleep, so you get better rest and prevents excessive sweating, which helps to improve the health of your skin.
  • Better Mental Health – A good night’s sleep boosts positive mental energy and health conditions, which has been proven. The cooling that a gel pillow provides helps keep you comfortable and improves sleep patterns so that your mental health condition will stay fresh and optimal. The deeper sleep you enjoy with a gel pillow enriches your mental health and helps to reduce mental fatigue and stress.
  • Protection Against Severe Overheating – If you live in an area where the summers are very harsh and extremely hot or humid, you may have to endure these conditions a few months every year. That you said, you are most likely looking for all the tips and things that can help you sleep and live cooler and provide some relief to the extreme heat. With central air conditioning and other cooling technologies, it will help to a point, but may not be the most cost-efficient or healthy method. A cooling pillow can make some difference and has only benefits for your help, along with being easy on your pocket.
  • Cost Effective – Lastly, a Cooling Pillow is an affordable way to keep cool during the night and sleep comfortably.

Features of a Good Gel Pillow

As I have mentioned, Gel pillows have various styles and designs, and every brand uses its own technologies.

However, here are a few main features to look out for;

Cooling Gel Pillow

  • Loft – The Pillow’s Loft is how high or how low it is. You get a high, medium, or low loft. Generally, you will need a high to medium loft for side sleepers, for back sleepers, a medium loft and stomach sleepers, a low loft pillow. However, sleeping on your stomach is generally not advised.
  • Pillow Fill – You will see that most Gel pillows have a memory foam fill that is shredded or solid. There are also latex and other fill forms. However, most fill used with gel is foam. The gel can be infused into the pillow or a top layer on the pillow’s surface on a single or both sides.
  • Support – Gel Pillows come in different shapes and designs. You get cervical or contoured gel pillows designed to offer better aliment and neck support. Support also refers to the softness of the pillow. Firm and medium-firm pillows generally offer better support, whereas softer pillows offer more comfort.
  • Size Options – Most gel Pillows will come in standard size options; however, some brands and models offer more sizes besides just the standard option.
  • Gel – The Gel in the Pillow can be infused into the fill and spread evenly, or a layer on top of the pillow on one side or both sides of the pillow.
  • Cover – Gel pillows mostly come with a removable and washable pillow cover. The cover may be Bamboo, cotton, or polyester, with or without a waterproof lining.

Reviews: The Best Gel Pillows

Here are our top favorite cooling gel pillows;

  • This pillow has an adaptive memory foam fill with a refreshing layer of cooling gel on top.
  • The gel top layer is cooling to the touch and provides excellent support.
  • The Memory foam is premium quality and will adapt to your shape.
  • The mesh cut-out cover is breathable and cooling and can be removed for washing.

  • From Qutool, you get a set of two cooling gel pillows.
  • The pillows are based on an ergonomic design for proper head and neck support and spinal alignment.
  • They are adjustable in the loft to your perfectly as there is a zippered closure from which you can remove some of the foam fill.
  • The fill consists of shredded foam, with cooling gel particles in between.
  • It comes with a cooling and breathable, removable, and washable bamboo cover for your convenience.


  • The Tempur-Pedic neck support pillow is designed to provide optimal neck and shoulder support, as well as good spinal alignment.
  • It has a foam fill with TEMPUR technology and a cooling gel.
  • The cover is washable and a high stretch design with cooling technology.
  • The pillow offers medium to firm support.


  • The PharMeDoc Cooling memory foam pillow is ventilated and designed for optimal support.
  • It features a premium memory foam fill with cooling gel particles.
  • The pillow has a unique hole punch design for breathability.
  • There is a removable zipper cover that you can machine wash.


  • The Classic brands gel pillow is a double-sided design for winter and summer.
  • The pillow is reversible, with a cooling gel layer on one side and a warm memory foam layer on the other side.
  • The fill is a soft memory foam that cradles your head.
  • The pillow provides medium to firmer support.


  • Here we have a supportive cervical design gel pillow.
  • It has a special memory foam fill that contours to your shape.
  • There is a cooling gel top layer and a bamboo cover that is washable and removable.
  • The pillow offers excellent firm to medium support.

Index Table: Top Rated Gel Pillows

1Sealy Essentails - Cooling Gel Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Gel
  • Standard Sized
2Qutool Cooling - Gel Pillow
  • Adjustable
  • Shredded Memory Foam and Gel
  • Washable Cover
3Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo - Gel Pillow
  • Neck Support
  • Cooling Gel
  • Medium Firm Fill
4PharMeDoc Blue - Pillow with Cooling Gel
  • Memory Foam
  • Cooling Gel
  • Removable Pillowcase
5Classic Brands Reversible - Gel Pillow
  • Double Sideed
  • Cooling Gel
  • Orthopedic Support
Classic Brands97
6Comfyt Cervical - Cooling Gel Pillow
  • Cooling Gel
  • Bamboo Cover
  • Memory Foam Fill

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