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Though most of us would have heard about a conventional head, neck, and even pregnancy pillows, knee pillows are something which may not be known to many of us. Put in simple words; these pillows are inserted between the legs at the place where the knees join. They are being used by thousands of people across the world, and they certainly have some benefits and advantages. Hence it would be interesting to find out the various reasons why it makes sense to use these pillows. They are particularly useful for those who have a habit of sleep on the side. In fact, most of us do sleep on our sides, and if we use the right sized pillows for the knees, it helps the hip to stay in place and prevents twisting and slipping. It also could help angling of your body as you sleep. Hence there are obviously some advantages and benefits when we can choose the right pillows for our knees.

Index Table of Best Knee Pillows

1ComfiLife Memory Foam Wedge Contour - Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pregnancy, Hip and Joint Pain
  • Sciatica, Back & Hip Pain Relief
  • High-density Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fully Guaranteed
2MedX Memory Foam Wedge Contour - Pain Relief For Sciatic Nerve , Leg , Back , Pregnancy
  • Maternity Pillow
  • sciatic Nerve Pain Relief
  • Guarantee
  • wedge Pillow
3Cushy Form Nerve Pain Relief - Pain Relief Knee Pillow - Best for Pregnancy, Hip, Leg, Knee, Back & Spine Alignment
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief
  • Essential
  • Recommended By Doctors
Cushy Form93
4InteVision Egyptian Cotton Cover - High Quality, 400 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • High Quality
  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • 400 Thread Count

Choosing the Right Pillow For You

Here are a few important points to be kept in mind when it comes to buying knee pillows:

Are They Safe And Allergy Free:

Since knee pillows will be hugging the leg and the area around the knee they must be safe and free from the risk of allergies. Hence customers must pay attention to the quality of the materials which are being used. While foam is the most commonly used material, it is important to ensure that it is of the best quality. The covers which adorn the pillows should preferably be made from high-quality cotton or other materials which do not cause allergy.

Choose The Right Type:

Knee pillows come in different types and designs. It could either be in the shape of a long pillow, which also is referred to as body pillow. They are useful for cradling your knee especially when you sleep on the side. Then there are knee pillows which have contours which resemble the body shape and therefore will fit snugly between your knees. You also could look at inflatable pillows for the knees especially when you are constantly on the move.

The right design and colors:

Since the pillows will be a part of the overall fixtures and fittings of your home, you must be sure that you choose the right colors and design. It should be such that it easily integrates with the overall ambiance of the living room or bedroom where they are being used.

Right Size:

The pillows come in different sizes and shapes and the customers to choose the right one to suit individual need and requirements. They must not be too big or too small.

Washable and easy maintenance:

It is quite natural that knee pillow will attract dirt and dust. Therefore it is always advisable to look for pillows which can be washed easily. The pillows must waterproof and must permit machine washing.

Price And Warranty:

Finally, there are many brands and makes of knee pillows which offer customer friendly warranty and return terms and conditions. The same must be known to customers and of course, they must research and look for pillows that offer the best value for money, without necessarily being the cheapest.

We will now have a look at five different brands of knee pillows so that customers will be in a position to take an informed decision rather than being driven by hearsays and opinions.

  • This particular knee pillow from ComfiLife has some interesting and beneficial features a few of which are mentioned below:
  • It is best suited for all those who suffer from sciatica, leg pain, back pain, hip and joint pain and also for women who are going through pregnancy.
  • It is made from high-quality and high-density memory foam.
  • It comes with an ergonomic design and helps to keep the knees, spine, hip and legs in the right alignment.
  • It comes with high-quality breathable cover and also comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Product Specification: Width: 9.8 inches, Height: 7.9 inches, Thick: 6.3 inches, Weight: 8 Ounces.

  • It comes with memory foam cushion and cover which is breathable.
  • It also acts as a quality maternity pillow for expecting mothers.
  • People suffering from sciatic nerve pain find benefit using this knee pillow because it allows spreading of the hips.
  • It comes with 100% product guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, you could just return the goods and get your money back.
  • Since it has a wedge design, it cuddly fits into the knee and offers full support to it and other parts of the lower extremities.
  • Product Specification: Width: 10 inches, Height: 8 inches, Thick: 7 inches, Weight: 10.4 Ounces.

  • Cushy Form Knee Pillow For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief.
  • It helps in providing comfortable night’s sleep for those suffering from sciatica and other such problems. It contributes to ease back pain, leg and ankle swelling and pain by providing proper spine alignment.
  • It comes with high-quality memory foam cushion.
  • It is essential for those who sleep on their sides and therefore extremely suited for those who are pregnant.
  • Recommended by doctors, therapists, sports trainers, and chiropractors.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee and it also is hypo-allergenic.
  • Product Specification: Width: 10 inches, Height: 5.5 inches, Thick: 8 inches, Weight: 15.2 Ounces.

  • It features two-layer design and the quality memory of and high resilient foam.
  • It also features high quality 100% cotton cover made from 400 thread count which can easily be removed for easy cleaning.
  • It plays a significant role in keeping hips, legs, spine parallel and correct alignment. It helps in better blood circulation in various areas of the lower leg.
  • As usual, it comes with a 100% product satisfaction, and it can be returned for full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.
  • Product Specification: Width: 11 inches, Height: 10.9 inches, Thick: 6.7 inches, Weight: 12 Ounces.

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