Best Pillow for Neck Arthritis

When you hear arthritis, the first thought is that of painful knees or swollen joints.

But, neck pain can also be caused by Arthritis, as the discs and joints degenerate due to health conditions, injuries, or aging.

Here we have reviewed the best pillows for Neck Arthritis patients to alleviate their symptoms.

Risk Factors for Neck Arthritis

Neck arthritis has many risk factors associated with it. In most cases, symptoms vary from person to person and can be worsened with bad posture, movement, and uncomfortable sleeping positions.

  • Symptoms – Neck Arthritis sometimes expresses itself as a headache, muscle spasms, popping noises, loss of balance, difficulty walking, a grinding sensation in the neck, etc.
  • Treatment for Neck Arthritis – Neck Arthritis can not be completely cured, though there are some treatments to decrease the symptoms and manage the pain. There are over-the-counter medications, nerve blockers, steroid injections, and special disease-modifying arthritis medication.
  • Tips Neck Arthritis – The best way to relieve pain and discomfort caused by neck arthritis is to find proper bedding for it. This includes a proper pillow designed for ultimate support and comfort to manage the pain.

What to Look for in a Neck Arthritis Pillow

  • Firm Support – The first thing to look for in a neck pillow to relieve arthritis pain is the firmness level. The pillow should be firm enough for back sleepers to support the neck and head while keeping the head aligned with the spine. For side sleepers, a pillow with medium firmness can be suitable for neck arthritis.
  • Contour Design – For people who like sleeping on their side, the best pillow to alleviate their arthritis pain is to get a pillow that fills the gap between the mattress and the head. Therefore, opt for a pillow with contours on the side to support the shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Additional: Arm Support – According to research, some people experience relief from their neck arthritis when their arms are properly supported during the night.

Reviews: Best Pillow for Neck Arthritis

  • This is an ergonomic pillow formed with two zones for optimum comfort.
  • It offers a specially curved shape to offer high and low profile edges to allow you to sleep comfortably on your back or side.
  • The pillow is designed with firm sides to support the neck and shoulders and a soft center to cradle the head.
  • It is expertly engineered to relieve pressure and provide personalized support through the night.
  • The firm Tempur material comfortably supports the neck, head, and shoulders and allows the muscles to relax for ideal sleep.
  • It features adaptive qualities to cradle the head and return to its shape in the morning and promote spinal alignment.
  • The pillow comes wrapped in a 100% Polyester knit cover called Hypoallergenic to ensure safe usage.

  • Contoured Neck Support.
  • Soft and Firm.
  • Two Sleeping Zones.
  • High Price.

  • This pillow comes in a premium quality cover made with a blend of Cotton and Polyester.
  • It is ergonomically designed to allow the neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely.
  • The contoured shape promotes proper spinal alignment and relieves neck and back discomfort.
  • It features a therapeutic memory foam that enhances sleep quality and decreases disturbances through the night.
  • The dynamic foam pillow also includes a left and right airway system, along with a 5s rebound.
  • It is designed to fit the neck’s curve with its cervical contour design, whereas the center cavity cradles the head for optimal support.
  • The cover is breathable and durable.

  • Contoured Neck Support.
  • Promotes Spinal Alignment.
  • Allows for Easy Breathing.
  • A little small compared to standard pillow size.

  • This bed pillow is designed to combat all issues related to disturbed sleep, including eliminating pressure points and reducing snoring.
  • It features a medium-firm feel that provides the perfect balance between comfort and orthopedic support.
  • The therapeutic contour pillow is made with high-quality memory foam, with a dense foam core that rebounds quickly.
  • The foam is high-tech and temperature-sensitive and adjusts to the body’s heat and weight for optimum support.
  • It is designed to promote spinal alignment and provide the perfect amount of roll support to keep you comfortable.
  • The pillow can be used for arthritis in the neck, recovery from surgery, as well as for CPAP therapy.
  • It features an exclusive cervical support area measuring 7×3 inches that gently cradles the neck and head to allow the muscles to relax and keeps the spine aligned with the neck to reduce pain in the shoulders, headaches, and soreness.
  • The pillow also features unique armrests to cushion and support the shoulder area.
  • It comes wrapped in a luxurious outer cover with a mesh design and an inner cover that is hypoallergenic and dust mite-proof.

  • Ergonomic Contoured Design.
  • Relieves Neck and Shoulder Pain.
  • Ideal for All Sleeping Position.
  • May take some time to adjust to a pillow.

  • This pillow is designed to support all joints, including the neck, back, knees, and others.
  • It features an ergonomic design in the form of a bolster roll that can be used in many ways.
  • The pillow is firm enough to be used for neck pain relief and soft enough to cushion the neck muscles for relief.
  • It provides a therapeutic sleep posture to relieve and prevent head, neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by poor spinal alignment.
  • The pillow is made from a single piece of memory foam to ensure it does not lose its shape.
  • It comes encased in a plush Bamboo cover with a zipper design for easy removal, is machine washable, and Hypoallergenic.

  • This is a contour memory foam pillow that is well-designed to cater to the shape of the neck.
  • It perfectly fits the head and neck curve for natural spine support and allows the muscles to relax for comfortable sleep.
  • The pillow comprises high-quality memory foam in a cervical design, making it ideal for neck pain relief caused by diseases and conditions such as Arthritis.
  • It comes wrapped in a highly breathable softcover, fully removable, machine washable, and hypoallergenic.
  • The outer cover is properly ventilated, whereas the inner cover is dust-proof and resistant to bugs.

  • This is a neck pain relief pillow constructed with high-quality, medium-firm memory foam.
  • It is an orthopedic pillow designed with high-density foam that can easily support the neck and head and keep it aligned with the spine.
  • The pillow comes with a hole-inside to cradle the head for optimal support that allows the muscles to relax completely and reduces the pressure on the back of the head when you sleep on your back.
  • It also allows you to sleep comfortably on the side by placing your shoulder in the pillow’s wing curve.
  • The memory foam also features temperature sensitivity and offers two contour sides on either side for customized comfort.
  • It comes encased in a skin-friendly cover that is removable, washable, and breathable.

  • This is an Orthopedic Shoulder Support Pillow designed by EPABO.
  • It is designed to provide therapeutic relief for neck and shoulder pain.
  • The pillow features a contour designed that promotes spinal alignment and relieves discomfort.
  • It is made with high-quality, breathable, Memory foam, covered with a Polyester and Rayon blend pillowcase.

  • This is a Contour Ear Support Pillow designed by Mkicesky.
  • The pillow features a slow rebound Memory Foam, responsive and designed to reshape itself according to the neck contours.
  • It is CertiPUR-US Certified, and measures 25 x 16 x 4.2/5.3 inches in size.
  • The pillow is ergonomically designed, and comes wrapped in a soft cover that is breathable, and washable.

  • This is a Cervical Memory Foam Pillow designed by MARNUR.
  • The pillow measures 64.5 x 37 x 14 cm in size, and feature a unique shape.
  • It is constructed with memory foam that allows for different sleeping postures comfortably.
  • The pillow maintains the neck’s natural curve with its cervical contour, whereas the center cavity helps to cradle the head for optimal support.

  • This is a Tri-Core Ultimate Cervical pillow designed by Core Product.
  • The pillow combines our Tri-Core fiber pillow’s unique shape with the Therapeutica foam pillow’s lasting support.
  • It features a firm support side that is ideal for back sleepers, and allows you to increase or decrease the firmness by flipping the pillow.
  • The pillow also provides ear pressure relief channels that are molded on top of the pillow and jaw relief channel.

Index Table: Top-Rated Pillow for Neck Arthritis

1Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo - Advanced Neck Relief Pillow
  • Contoured
  • Firm Support
2SEPOVEDA Cervical - Neck Pain Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Spinal Alignment
3CushionCare Ergonomic - Cervical Support Pillow
  • Contoured
  • for Neck Arthritis
4AllSett Health Store Bamboo - Neck Roll Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Bolster
AllSett Health Store97.4
5Power Of Nature Contour - Neck Support Pillow
  • Cervical
  • Zippered Cover
Power Of Nature96.6
6Coisum Orthopedic - Neck Pain Relief Pillow
  • Breathable Cover
  • Contoured Design
7EPABO Orthopedic - Neck Pain Relief Pillow
  • Cervical Support
  • Firm
8Mkicesky Contour - Neck Support Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Hypoallergenic
9MARNUR Cervical - Memory Foam Pillow
  • Neck Support
  • Polyester
10Core Product Tri-Core - Ultimate Cervical Pillow
  • for Neck Pain
  • Orthopedic
Core Product94.4

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