Memory Foam Pillowcases

As you may have noticed, your memory foam pillow may become quite hot at night, as it absorbs your body heat, though many models do come out with a gel that helps with cooling.

Other than that, you can always opt for a cooling pillowcase. Besides this, a good pillowcase provides comfort and will protect your memory foam pillow.

In this article, we look at the best memory foam pillowcases.

Pillow Covers VS Pillow Cases

You may need a pillowcase or a Pillowcase and Pillow Cover for Your Memory Foam Pillow;

  • Covers – A pillow cover is designed to protect your pillow against dirt and liquids, and they are normally also waterproof. A pillow cover prevents things like dust, dirt, dust mites, and allergens from entering or exiting your pillow. The Pillow cover helps to keep your memory foam pillow clean and in good condition. Many pillow covers for memory foam pillows also provide cooling, such as bamboo covers, and help to reduce moisture. You can choose a pillow cover for your memory foam pillow for these reasons but will still require a proper pillowcase. However, many memory foam pillow models do come with their own cover.
  • Pillowcase – The Pillowcase is designed to provide comfort for you and light protection for your pillow. This is the fabric that you will place your face and head-on, so you will need to consider which materials are ideal for you. Most pillowcases designed for memory foam pillows come with cooling technology as memory foam pillows tend to trap body heat.

Why You Need a Pillowcase for Your Memory Foam Pillow

There are three reasons why you will need a good pillowcase for your Memory foam Pillow;

  • Cooling – Pillowcases with cooling technology will keep you cooler at night s your memory foam pillow becomes warm by trapping your body heat.
  • Comfort – The Pillowcase that you sleep on should provide a soft, comfortable space to place your face and head-on. It needs to be comfortable and soft against your skin.
  • Allergen Protection – A good pillowcase will protect you against dust, dust mites, and allergens and provide a comfortable hypoallergenic sleeping surface for you to rest your head-on.

Features of a Good Memory Foam Pillow Case


  • Materials – The best Materails for a memory Foam pillow are materails that breathe well and have some form of cooling technology as memory foam may heat up with your body heat. Bamboo and cotton are two of your best optiosn, along with silk and satin. Some cooling technology pillowcase materails are also ideal.
  • Thread Count – When choosing a cotton pillowcase make sure that is has a thread count fo atleast 400 TC for your memory foam pillow.
  • Closure – There are different closure types such as the foldable envelope closure, zipper closure or a button closure.

Reviews: The Best Memory Foam Pillow Cases


The Bedsure Natural bamboo pillowcase is cooling with a silky soft texture, perfect for your memory foam pillow.

  • This pillowcase consists of rayon derived from natural bamboo.
  • It is very soft and will wick away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and cooling.
  • The Pillow Case comes in different sizes and color options from which you can choose as needed.


From J Jimoo, we have a natural silk pillowcase that is naturally cooling and satiny soft for your memory foam pillow.

  • Next, we have a natural silk pillowcase.
  • Silk is ideal for keeping moisture in your hair and skin and also has anti-aging qualities.
  • Silk is natural, therefore hypoallergenic, and also naturally cooling.
  • It is a gentle fabric, though, so it should not be machine washed and must be handled with care.
  • The pillowcases come in more colors and size options.


The Luxear pillowcase has cooling technology, which is ideal for memory foam pillows.

  • Here we have a specific cooling technology pillowcase that is ideal for memory foam pillows with no added cooling gel.
  • The pillowcase is double-sided with a warm side and silky cool side for all seasons.
  • It consists of natural cotton that is soft and breathable.
  • The texture and design are also ideal for your hair and skin.
  • Plus, there is a hidden zipper design as a closure.


Another excellent option for your memory foam pillow is a satin pillowcase, such as the one from Bedsure.

  • Satin pillowcases are similar to silk but they are synthetic.
  • The pillowcase consists of 100% polyester with a satin finish.
  • This is a more affordable option with similar qualities as satin for your skin and hair.
  • It comes in more colors and size options.
  • Sating also has a cooling effect.


From California Design Den, we have a 100% cotton pillowcase with a 400 thread count.

  • Cotton is breathable and durable and one of the best-balanced options for your memory foam pillow.
  • Cotton is affordable, durable, and breathes well to keep you cool.
  • The pillowcase has a thread count of 400, which is ideal and consists of all-natural cotton.
  • It also comes in more color and size options.


The CoopHomee Goods Memory Foam Pillow Pillow Case consists of Bamboo derived rayon with cooling technology.

  • This is another cooling technology pillowcase for your memory foam pillow.
  • It consists of Viscose derived from bamboo rayon, which is also naturally cooling and soft against the skin.
  • It has a smooth feel and is naturally breathable and cooling,
  • There is a hidden zipper closure, which is more secure and keeps all allergens and odors away from you.
  • It is also hypoallergenic and will wick away moisture.


A Soft and silky Cooling pillowcase for your memory foam pillow from Avolare

  • Here we have two-pack of cooling technology pillowcases for your memory foam pillow.
  • The pillowcases ate stretchable with cooling technology, which is ideal for a memory foam pillow that tends to overheat during the night.
  • They are designed to be gentle on your hair and skin and to be breathable.
  • There are also more colors available and size options.
  • There is likewise a hidden zip closure, which is safer and more secure than most fold-over closures, as well as keeps dust and other allergens out of your pillow.

Index Table: Top Rated Memory Foam Pillow Cases

1Bedsure Bamboo - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Natural Bamboo
  • Cooling
  • Organic
2J Jimoo Natural Silk - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Silk
  • Hair and Skin Friendly
  • Breathable
  • Natural
J Jimoo97.8
3Luxear Cooling - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Double Sidede
  • Zip Closure
  • Bretahable
  • Cooling
4Bedsure Satin - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Satin
  • Many Colors and Sizes
  • Two Set
5California Design Den Cotton - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Cotton
  • Bretahable
  • 400 Thread Count
California Design Den97.3
6Coop Home Goods Cooling - Memory Foam Pillow Case
  • Lulltra Cooling Technology
  • Bamboo
  • Bretahable
Coop Home Goods96.5
7Avolare Two Pack - Memory Foam Cooling Pillow Case
  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Silky feel

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