Best Sleeping Pillows for Your Baby

Whether you are a first-time mother or not, there has always been the controversy of getting a pillow for your baby.

Certain new technologies and innovations used today have allowed us to use a pillow at ease for a newborn or younger baby, knowing that the design will keep them safe. However, it is usually recommended to get a pillow once your baby is one year and older.

This article looks at some of the latest innovations in babies’ best sleeping pillows and some safer toddler and older baby pillow options.

Should, or Should You Not Get a Pillow for Your Baby

It may seem impossible for us to think about going to bed without a comfy soft pillow to sleep in, so according to that mentality, we often want to do the same for our babies.

A Pillow is neither good nor bad for your baby. It just depends on when you give it to your baby and whether you have the right type of pillow for your baby.

It is highly recommended not to give a baby younger than one year a pillow, and I strongly agree as a mother myself.

The main causes of Crib-Deaths are overcrowding their sleep space with Pillows, soft Toys, and thick blankets.

A pillow may get in the way when your baby moves or land on their face, and the baby will not be able to move away or remove the pillow from their face by themselves. This may block their nose and cause suffocation.

Your baby also does not need neck support or any other support provided by a Pillow.

I like to use a wedge design elevated mattress or pillow used with the mattress underneath the bottom fitted sheet. This pillow elevates the head and upper body, which helps with acid reflux and if the baby has a stuffy nose.

However, today, specific designs and new technology pillows are ideal for newborns and younger babies that will not cause safety hazards.

Choosing a Pillow for Your Baby

So if your baby is one year or older, it is perfectly safe and beneficial to get them a comfortable pillow. Here are a few tips to follow in choosing the Best Pillows for Your Baby;

  • Filling materail – A solid foam memory foam or latex pillow is advised, though cotton and polyester fills are also acceptable. Try to avoid beaded fills that may become a choking hazard or feather that can cause allergies and irritation.
  • Hypoellargenic Design – Keep in mind at this age, your baby’s skin and respiratory system may still be quite sensitive, so always consider a pillow and pillow cover that is hypoallergenic.
  • Smooth Cover – Opt for a soft and smooth Pillow cover that will not scratch or irritate your baby’s skin. Organic cotton, silks, and satins are a good idea.
  • Size Adjustability – I would suggest getting a pillow with a removable cover so that you can adjust the loft and fill it with the pillow to be the perfect size for your baby. Also, look at the actual size, as your baby may need a much smaller pillow than an adult standard size.
  • Easy To Clean – Lets face it, babies are quite messy. So I would recommend that you get a special design waterproof cover for the pillow along with an easy wash of a couple of pillowcases.
  • No Added Frills and Fuss – Look for a plain smooth Pillow and pillow cover without any additional ornaments or fixtures that can cause irritation or a hazard.
  • For Younger Babies – Contoured specific pillow designs exist for newborns and small babies that support their entire body or their head in such a manner as to prevent rolling and keep them safe.

Features of a Good Pillow for Your Baby

Baby Pillow

  • Fill Materail – Latex, Memory Foam, Microfiber, Polyester, other types of solid foam are all ideal materails.
  • Cover – A waterproof removable cover is ideal, as it allows you to adjust the pillow lot and will prevent the pillow from becoming soiled.
  • Pillow Case – Natural cotton, Silk, Satin, and Bamboo fibers are ideal and hypoallergenic for babies in a Pillow Case.
  • Size – Look for baby or toddler size s and make sure that there are Pillow covers and cases available for the spcfici sized pillow.

Reviews: Best Sleeping Pillows for Your Baby

Below are some of the most innovative and safe pillow options for younger and older babies;


John Tree Organic is a completely natural and comfortable Pillow for your baby.

  • This baby pillow is made of safe, natural fabric, and it is GOTS certified.
  • The eco-friendly can offer the desired safety and comfort to your younger kid.
  • It uses only organic cotton for soft and delicate skin, and you can use it for a long time without any complications.
  • It is non-toxic and safe for the newborn.
  • Product Specification: Width: 14 inches, Height: 9 inches, Thick: 3 inches, Weight: 0.6 Ounces.

  • Organic Cotton.
  • Polyester filling.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Suitable for handwashing only.


The Lamb Pillow is a design specifically for newborn babies that is safe and ideal for the flat head syndrome.

  • The Pillow consists of the soft organic material that you can use safely for all seasons, and it is very hygienic and offers a smooth surface to the little heads.
  • It has received the GOTS’s approval and safe to use for the newborn.
  • This pillow has a hollow center specifically designed for flat head prevention.
  • There is a hundred percent Hypoallergenic polyester filling for the delicate and sensitive skin for the fill.

  • Designed to protect from flathead.
  • Organic Cotton.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Only one size option.


From Elegantstunning, we have their baby Pillow regular is 100% cotton and comes in different color options.

  • The Pillow is available in three different colors, green, blue, and pink, and you can choose any of them depending on your preference.
  • The Pillow consists of 100% cotton and other fibers.
  • It contains a pit that helps prevent a flathead and offers a proper shape to your baby’s head.
  • The Pillow has a small and comfortable size that you may use for younger babies.

  • Artificial Cotton filling.
  • 100% pure Cotton cover.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Not machine washable.


From generic, we have the Anti-Roll safety Pillow design for babies.

  • The Pillow is specifically designed for the newborn and comprises a hundred percent safe fabrics.
  • It has a hollow center for flat head prevention.
  • You can use it for the bone development of a three-month-old baby.
  • You can use it from birth until one year of age.
  • It offers excellent comfort and safety to delicate skin.
  • It is available in three colors, blue, green, and pink, and you can choose any of them to match well with your baby mattress.
  • Product Specification: Width: 9 inches, Height: 7 inches, Thick: 1.5 inches, Weight: 2.4 Ounces.


The YKS pillow for babies is for toddlers and older babies, providing comfortable support.

  • The Pillow consists of a hundred percent cotton materials to offer great comfort to your newborn.
  • It is designed for the newborn and toddlers, and you can use it from three months to one year old.
  • There is a hollow center that is helpful for flat head prevention.
  • You can use it in any of your places that include swing, car seat, crib, and stroller.
  • It comes in an eye-catching blue color.
  • Product Specification: Width: 9.3 inches, Height: 7 inches, Thick: 2.4 inches, Weight: 6.4 Ounces.

  • This is a sleeping pillow designed for babies and toddlers, 2 years and below, by Biloban Store.
  • It is a great starter pillow that is flat, fluffy, and wide enough for comfort.
  • The pillow measures 13 x 18 inches in size, and the thickness at the front is about 2.5 inches, and at the back is 1.9 inches.
  • It comes with Poly cluster fiber filling and a super soft cover made with 100% Cotton.

  • This is a mini pillow measuring only 11 x 8 x inches in size.
  • It is designed as a nursery or crib pillow and works nicely in daycare or preschool.
  • The pillow’s compact design allows it to be tucked in a purse or carry-on for added neck and head support.
  • It comes with a premium Cluster fiber filling that is completely machine washable.

  • This baby pillow comes with a 100% premium Egyptian Long Staple Cotton cover with a 300 thread count.
  • The pillow is breathable, durable, and allows air and moisture to pass through easily.
  • It measures 13 x 18 inches in size and offers versatile uses for babies and adults.
  • The pillow features a zipper-free design to minimize choking risk and a soft Polyester fiberfill to provide the baby’s ultimate support and comfort.

  • This is an ergonomically designed pillow by KeaBabies for use in nurseries.
  • The pillow comes with an Organic Cotton pillowcase that is breathable, removable, and machine washable.
  • Its durable design is perfect for babies to nap, sleep, and play.
  • The pillow comes with an animal-themed unisex pillowcase to compliment the room and cot set.

  • This is a Cherish Baby Care pillow designed for pleasant sleep for babies.
  • Its anti-flat head design is supported by high-quality BASF memory foam to provide the ultimate balance between support and comfort.
  • The memory foam filling is OEKOtex Certified for babies and completely safe for use.
  • It comes with a pair of soft cotton pillowcases that are breathable, cooling, and safe for machine washing.

Index Table: Top Rated Sleeping Pillows for Your Baby

1JOHN N TREE Organic Organic Cotton - Protective Pillow Cloud Lamb
  • Authorized Seller
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
JOHN N TREE Organic97.8
2WelLifes Lamb - Pillow For Newborn Protection for Flat Head Syndrome
  • Super Soft
  • Organic Cotton
  • For Flat Head Prevention
3Elegantstunning Pink - Baby Pillow With Protection for Flat Head
  • 100% Cotton
  • Filler Artificial Cotton
4Generic Blue - Anti Roll Pillow Flat Head Sleeping Positioner Bear
  • 100% Cotton
  • Filler Artificial Cotton
5YKS Piggy - Toddler Sleeping Support Pillow
  • High Quality
  • Flat Head Prevention
  • Padded For Comfort
6Biloban Store Toddler - Baby Sleeping Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 13 x 18 Inches
Biloban Store97.6
7Urban Infant Urban Infant - Mini Sleeping Pillow
  • with Name Tag
  • Fully Washable
Urban Infant97.1
8TILLYOU Ergonomic - Toddler Bed Pillow
  • 100% Cotton
  • Polyester Fill
9KeaBabies Nursery - Toddler Pillow
  • with Pillowcase
  • Organic Cotton
10Cherish Baby Care Shaping - Baby Pillow for Sleeping
  • with 2 Covers
  • Neck Support
Cherish Baby Care95.8

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